Zack Highwire – “Heartline Fractures EP”

Whiskey Pickle heralds its tenth release with the debut EP from Zack Highwire, a DJ/producer based in Austin, TX via Minnesota’s twin cities. With so many extraterrestrial vibes present on the Heartline Fractures EP one might have to wonder about Zack Highwire’s true origins. Could this simply be a stellar (pun intended) debut from a talented northerner living in Texas, or did a heart broken Star-Man fall to our tiny blue planet in search of solace and studio time to craft the perfect, cosmic break-up record? Whiskey Pickle’s not gonna say it was aliens … but, it was aliens.

The Heartline Fractures EP opens with the otherworldly arpeggios and hypnotic, percussive melodies of “By Them,” a tune that could perfectly soundtrack intergalactic SETI explorations with its supernova of sound. “Mind, Hearts, Lies” is a detour through a black hole as ominous chords prepare the listener for an acidic, breakbeat breakdown. Flip it over to get another deep space voyage in the form of “Surface Love” where psychedelic Italo stylings conjure visions of land speeders cruising the valleys and ruins of Mars. Rounding out the EP, one finds Mr. Highwire’s version of a peak time banger, “Does She Want You Now?,” featuring a brutal kick / bass combo that roots feet to the dance floor while vocoded pads lift the listener up to the stars.
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) – “Really amazing. Love this release. So good.”
Hardway Bros - “Brilliant stuff. ‘Mind, Hearts, Lies’ for me.”
Nick Warren - “Great EP. ‘Surface Love’ is amazing.”
Bruce Tantum (Time Out NY) – “Wow, epic stuff … and not from Norway! Loving all four of these, really.”
Flash Atkins (Paper Recordings) – “Loving ‘By Them’ … proper wonkage!”
Alexander Robotnick - “‘Surface Love’ is the one for me.”
Fine Cut Bodies - “Love the old school psychedelic vibe!”
The Dead Rose Music Company - “Foreboding Moroder goodness!”
Lee Fisher (Discomendments / Out Of Bounds) – “Whiskey Pickle is seriously on my radar for favourite label status. This release is no exception to the rule.”
Deadbeat Disco Radio Show - “All four here are glorious slabs of retro/future-disco – never quite sure which it is, but frankly who cares when it’s this good? Like Buck Rogers learning to make Italo-disco and getting Prins Thomas along for the ride … this is awesome.”
Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show) – “Nice release. ‘Surface Love’ is my favorite.”
Jesse De La Peña (Vocalo 89.5 FM, Chicago) – “‘Does She Want You Now?’ is my favorite off this EP … it’s retro sounding with a fresh twist.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) – “This vintage-sounding EP is flirting with the Italo-cosmic sound resulting in a galactic journey covering the spectrum with beautiful sound effects.”
Richard Hardcastle (Solid State) – “Really enjoyed these … moody and understated. Want to get to know them better as it sounds like there is much to appreciate and return to. Reminds me of stuff on Aube Records.”
Sandro Bianchi (Ibiza Sonica) – “Strong psycho cosmic spacey drug!”
Da Wiseguy (RTE Pulse, Ireland) – “Phuture space laser disco music. Phasers set to stun!”
Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.